I'm Maddie Moe: A graphic designer with a focus in branding and marketing.
I go by my first and last name together because I feel that both names capture the whole story of me—and I'm committed to telling your full story, too! I believe in the power of design to create memorable forms of visual storytelling. Every piece has a story to tell—whether that's "here's how to get to Terminal 2," or "these are our values and what our company stands for," we rely on visual communication to navigate our world and to learn more about one another. With this in mind, I focus on user experience and to make your message shine through design. As Ellen Lupton once said, "Good design, like good storytelling, brings ideas to life."
Coming from a background in performance and theatre means that communication and expression have always been at the forefront of my mind. In fact, I believe true design is theatre: It's an expression of our raw emotion and humanity. As an adaptable and creative individual, I use the elements of design as my actors to set the stage for your visual story.
My designs have been featured in publications and venues including Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona Parenting Magazine, Talking Stick Resort Arena, Herberger Theater Center, CITYSunTimes newspaper, Clifford E. White Theater, press conferences at the Valley of the Sun YMCA, and across national and international recruitment events for Northern Arizona University.
My experience and background in marketing, concept development, and collaborative problem solving informs my detailed and narrative approach. As a young professional, I help clients to visualize what makes their brand and story unique in today's market.
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