Kahtoola Uphill is an annual fundraiser event in Flagstaff, AZ for Camp Colton, the local school district’s environmental education center. This project was executed as part of Northern Arizona University’s VisualDESIGNLab, a collaborative learning opportunity for students to work with real clients. The client wanted bold, inclusive marketing materials with a “campground feel” for their 2019 event. The solution uses a color palette that mirrors the natural surroundings of Flagstaff. The sunburst element radiates from the content, adding energy to the compositions. The hexagon shape of the Kahtoola logo is mirrored to support brand recognition. A flat, vector illustration style ties the visuals of the 2019 campaign pieces with existing logos. Lastly, content-heavy pieces separate materials into gridded sections for easy reading. The client chose to use this style out of three other design options for their campaign.

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